Hi I am Chia Yi,

My boyfriend brought me to this Vikings family, in January 2016. I remembered the first session, I
can’t even put the baby sand bag on my shoulder. I asked the person who standing beside me, Kevin,
to help. I feel embarrassed. I am the only one who need help. I am the only one cannot do proper
push up. When first joined, I walking “gang gang” for few weeks, I hate to go up and down stairs,
suffering to squat at toilet. I believe everyone has experienced the after effect.
My first assessment, I spent 10mins 47sec for 1 mile, running out of breath. I felt upset.
But when I see my assessment result was improved month by month, I feel happy! All the pain is
worth the gain!

How did it help you? In running and body shape.
I remembered when I start running, I can’t even run 1 round of PadangAstaka. It took me about 20
mins to complete 1 round. That was me in year 2015. My stamina was slowly building up after joined
Same year, I have break through myself. I registered SCKLM Half Marathon, which I still not able to
run even 10km! But slowly, my stamina was built up from the pain from session, give me a strong
basic. Thanks to my running sifu Jesslyn Man Pei Sze, teaching me and train with me. Also, I am very
happy to have a gang of crazy running kaki from Viking warriors, make our run at anytime,
anywhere. I was able to complete the Half Marathon, in less than 3 months training, with a satisfied
Now I can lift heavier sand bag, I can run faster run farther. I can do a proper push up. That is my
Honestly, Transformation 8 programs do help me a lot, not only in stamina, and also body shape. I
felt happy, when I met my university mate in a wedding dinner, after 3 years from our last met, she
was impressed of my changing. “Wahhh you looks very fit lerrrr if compare to 3 years ago”.
Ha Ha Ha! I am laughing with tail up. I have changed my eating habit and happy to maintain it. I have
changed my body shape, and working hard to maintain it too. There is nothing can be gained
without an effort.
People always laugh at me, why I do this to myself, why I get myself into pain, why I am suffering
myself… But people don’t understand, we only live once, but once is enough if we do it right, no
regrets, enjoy what we are doing, do when we able to do. Pain is temporary, pride is forever!
The session is always tough, but when we are together, the time passed very fast and we have fun.
I am glad to join this family, meet new friends and train together. I hope when I was 40, I still able to
continue. Thanks to Choong who brought me to Viking. Thanks to our coach James who guide me
and train me. Thanks to all warriors, we workout together, rest together, drink together!

Oooo Yesss!


Chia Yi


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