I got to know Vikings through colleague. Before joining it, I was under obesity category.

It was struggle at the beginning as my body were trying to adapt the high intensity training with body ache on every part of the body. Through the encouragement from the coach and members, I’m manage to put up perseverance and determination to continue.

After 5 months joining Vikings, I manage to reduce my weight by 15kg and increase my endurance in other sports activities. This gives alot of motivation for me to push harder, hence, I decided to join the Transformation 8 (T8) program.

The T8 program, not only it helps to reduce the weights but it also toned up muscles and give me the body shape that I never thought I would ever have before this.

Joining Vikings have been a right choice where you get to work out with bunch of people who always pushing each other for greater cause.

chu front pre post
chu side pre post
chu result

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