Ranks are to differentiate the physical levels of the Warriors, they are separated into 4 ranks. They are ALPHA , BRAVO, CHARLIE and DELTA. Their ranks are determine by the instructor. It is base on the result in the Physical Assessment and the performance during the sessions.

Let’s start with DELTA. Some would just call this the beginner rank or the healthy rank. This is usually for those who just join The Vikings and does not have much of a sports background or has stop workingout for sometime. Also for those who just want to workout to keep the body fit and active.


CHARLIE are those who are slightly stronger and faster than DELTA. Their body is now able to handle more intensity in the workout. They can now do a little more as in weights, repetition and speed. Their forms are more proper but still there are not able to do a proper form entirely.


BRAVO is another level higher then CHARLIE. They can now do most of the workout in a proper form and still able to maintain a proper form for a longer period of time. As they are more competitive they are able take heavier weights, do more repetitions, faster and better endurance. Stalling during the workout time is much lesser.


ALPHA is the highest ranks in The Vikings. They can do proper form in all the workout and are not just only stronger and faster, they will also MOTIVATE the rest of the warriors. Stalling is a vocabulary that is out from the ALPHA rank. They may slow down to recover but absolutely not stalling. (Is it impossible? Absolutely achievable)

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