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Do We Get Sick If We Workout Under The Rain?

It’s a common medical myth that being outside in the rain makes you sick. So, it’s natural to assume that, by the same logic, working out in the rain makes you sick. Not true. Being in rainy or cold conditions during exercise is not a direct cause of viruses like cold or flu. You must come into contact with a virus to contract these illnesses.

Why the Myth Endures?

The myth endures because it appears to people as if rainy  weather contributes to illness. Certainly there is a strong correlation between rainy weather and viruses like cold or influenza. This is because more people are infected with these viruses during rainy months. Plus, being outside in cold rain can cause temporary flu-like symptoms, like shivering or a runny nose. But in these cases, correlation does not imply causation. Viruses cause these illnesses, not weather patterns.

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