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These are Real People Real Result From Malayisa


The Vikings started in a small town (Sitiawan) in the beginning of the year 2015 lead by Coach James. Initially Transformation 8 was only open to the warriors of the Vikings from year 2015, 2016 and 2017. It helps hundreds of people change their lives (healthier life & sexier looking body). First time in 2018 it is open to public and now the 2nd time open to the public. In this program you will learn new knowledge to get fitter, not just fitter for a short period but to maintain it for as long as you want. It is NOT going to take you 8 months to get where you want to go. It is going to be in just 8 weeks and you are not going to do it alone. What is going to make it so much easier is that everything is going to be STEP by STEP and you are going to do it together with everyone in a group as a team with all the same goal. The most committed ones will sure to have the best result. We are going to make it more Fun, if you are 1 of the top 5 best body transformation, you not only get your dream body but you will also be awarded with a total cash prizes of total RM2000 for the top 5.


Meal Replacement Shakes – NO Dieting NO Exercise? 
– Did you gain the weight back right after you stop? Hunger? Paid RM1888 or RM3888

PILLS that will absorp the FATS and CARBS that you consume?
– Diarrhea anyone?

Slim Drink and eat whatever you want and still lose weight?
– Did you get dehydrated?

10 mins a day on this AB machine that folds under your bed and get a Washboard Abs?
– Did the Abs machine end up under your bed forever?

Body treatment with a first time promotion price for just RM28.00 to slim any part of your body?
– How much did you pay at the end? RM1,288 or RM10,288?

What's preventing you from workout?

  • No time to go workout?
  • No idea what to do in the gym or home workout?
  • Too expensive to get a Personal Trainer?
  • Drop out half way from a program, lose the motivation?

You've landed at the right place

You are going to get:-

  • 8 weeks Home Workout Video Program (Step by Step) – WORTH RM200
  • 8 weeks Meals Program inclusive Recipes – WORTH RM100
  • Get Direct Coaching when you need help or advice within 8 weeks – WORTH RM1000
  • Motivation through out the 8 weeks – Priceless
  • Maintain your body after 8 weeks for as long as you want Program – WORTH RM88

Let’s see what Cheryl (Butterworth) 2018 participant has got to say ;

My name is Cheryl, i am in my mid 30s. I have been struggling with obesity for a few years due to inactive lifestyle and overeating. Last year i gave birth to my baby boy and my weight reached the peak of 90kg. When i was obese…………….. Read More………





Not just that you transform to a new you after the 8 weeks. If you are 1 of the top 5 best body transformation in size, shape, difference and the end result.

The prizes are:

Champions RM550 X 2 =RM1100
Runner-Ups  RM300 X 3 = RM900



8 Weeks transformation period:
26th August 2019 – 20th October 2019

Super Early Bird Registration – RM179:
Until 30th June 2019

Early Bird Registration – RM199:
Until 31st July 2019

Normal Registration – RM219:
Until 18th August 2019

Register with more than 1 (one) person there will be a -RM10 deduction per person.


Phone no. : +6010-203 3078
Email: admin@tvikings.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thevikings.hiit


What is The Vikings Transformation 8 (T8) program about?
The Vikings Transformation 8 is a 8 weeks body transformation program that is back for the 5th year and 2nd time open to the public to enroll. It has been proven to achieve remarkable results by cutting your fats or gain your muscles the natural way through workout and meal plan. Whether you goal is just slim down or to gain more muscles, become smaller or become bigger, or just to stay healthy, you may find this very effective.

What can I expect from this program?
You can expect to gain much more knowledge on when & how you are going to workout in a proper form and when or what food to consume. Definately find yourself transform to a new you. Previous participants has lost 3kg – 8kg in the first week, some has lost up to 25kg in the 8 weeks and some has gain muscle mass up to 8kg. You will be guided step by step from the 1st day till the end. Everyone will be sharing info, feeling, meals, food and workout all together with the team. Be motivated all the way.

Who can participate in the Transformation 8 program?
Anyone who want to lose your fats or anyone who want to gain muscles, works for both. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world you can join the program. Currency will be Ringgit Malaysia (RM) depends on the current conversion rate of the time of registration.
If you are VEGETARIAN, BREAST FEEDING MOTHER & WITH ANY INJURIY or MEDICAL CONDITIONS, do get in touch with us first before registering for this program.
If you are PREGNANT – this program is NOT for you, do come back next year.

Is there a Prize from this program?
Yes, The Top 5 Best Body Transformation in 8 weeks in terms of size, shape, differences and end result

Prize will be for :-

Top 1 & 2 will be announce as Champions and they will get the prize of RM550 each person.
Top 3, 4 & 5 will be announce as Runner-Ups and they will get the prize of RM300 each person.

Do I carry out the program by myself anytime I want?
No, you need to get yourself to register latest by 18th August 2019. The program will start from 26th August 2019 – 20th October 2019

Is there any translation to other languages?
No, the explanation and description of the program will be be in English, there will be no translation. If you do not understand English very well, you may get your friend who understand English well to join and explain to you.

I would like to join this program but I am not willing to do anything, can I still get fit?
Sorry to say that this program is not for people who are not willing to do anything to change. It will involve preparing of your own food and doing exercises. Most important, if you want to CHANGE to a better, fitter, stronger and healthier person, then click the REGISTER button below.




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