I am glad to be part of the  team(VIKINGS). Before I take part in vikings, I did my own workout at home by watching video downloaded from YouTube. I even went to gym regularly in the past 2 years, trained blindly and no improvement of my fitness and strength. End up I get myself injured.

I still remember my first join VIKINGS was introduce my an old friend. At first I was not get use to it, been struggling for three months. But this never stops me for continue joining the VIKINGS program. VIKINGS training program  is interesting and challenging. Fall in love with this 60 minutes high intense exercise with my teammates. We always motivate each other to complete more reps.

I hate running. Last time running really killing me, I can’t even last for 15minutes on  treadmill, after joining Vikings training, I manage to improved my run to longer distance (10km)with my vikings running buddy.

Now I have better understanding how important workout correctly and choosing the right food to sustain my body fitness and shape.I highly recommended to those interested in improving their lifestyle and fitness goals, especially got time limitations or hate the tough exercise for long period of time, come try out Vikings programme, they might impressed you.


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